Zoom Class Schedule

Zoom is a user friendly app that will allow us to teach classes and interact with you through your computer or phone! We suggest downloading the app prior to the workout to make sure it is up and running. When you enter a meeting you will be muted with video off, as this allows for better connection with large audiences. To unmute yourself, chat, or turn on video with permission of the instructor- the options can be found at the bottom of the app screen.


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Triple Threat with Melissa

Mondays @ 6:00pm

Equipment: Chair or bench, towel, weights (optional)


Full Body Burnout with Sonya

Tuesdays @ 7:00am

Equipment: Chair or bench, Kettlebell

BSC Kettlebells with Sonya

Tuesdays @ 12:00pm

Equipment: Kettlbell

BSC 60 with Michelle

Tuesdays @ 6:00pm

Equipment: Kettlbell or Dumbells


BSC Kettlebells with Sonya

Wednesdays @ 12:00pm

Equipment: Kettlbell

BSC 60 with Calvin

Wednesdays @ 6:00pm

Equipment: Kettlbell or Dumbells


Circuit Training with Adrienne 

Thursday @ 12:00pm

Equipment: Chair or bench, Kettlebells or weights

BSC KBs with Adrienne

Thursday @ 6:00pm

Equipment: Kettlebells or weights

Friday Class

Triple Threat with Michelle

Friday @ 12:00pm

Equipment: Kettlebells or weights


Triple Threat with Melissa

Saturday @ 10:00am

Equipment: Weights, bench or chair


BSC Yoga with Ellen

Sunday @ 10:00am

Equipment: Yoga mat