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Cancer research


Donate today and get a free class or personal training session!


Why we are

raising money

Our team member Kim lost a dear friend to cancer this year and recently teamed up with Fred Hutch Obliteride to help raise money for cancer research. Her goal is to reach $10,000 by the end of August.


After hearing about what Kim was doing we decided to help contribute to her efforts to raise money. We will be giving out free classes and personal training sessions to help raise awareness about her cause. The following is what we are offering to everyone who donates:

$25 - 1x free group class 

$45 - 1x free thirty minute skill session 

$90 - 1x free personal training session

Limit one per person - if you are already a member at the gym, any of these offerings can be given to a friend or family member.


We need your help to reach our goal. No donation amount is too small, nor goes unnoticed. Every dollar raised brings hope to end this fight.

Please donate today and join this fight with us. We would also appreciate it if you could share this with your friends. If you are interested in donating please follow the button below, thank you so much!

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