Circuit10 is a dynamic, total body workout designed to challenge your anaerobic capacity. This workout will fire up the metabolism using multi-directional, explosive, strength, and agility exercises to push anyone to their limits. Paired with our state of the art cardio equipment, this workout will be sure to make anyone sweat! 


BSC 60

Our Strength and Conditioning class is designed with foundational progressive strength movements to push you to your limits and feel the burn. 


Monday: Back squats, KB press, cleans
Tuesday: KB squats, DB bench, single leg deadlift
Wednesday: Deadlift, rows, Turkish get up
Thursday: Bench press, step ups
Friday: Hip thrusters, sled drives, snatch/swing 




BSC Kettlebells is a fun and challenging class for any fitness level. Whether you have been training with kettlebells for a week, or you are looking to grow your kettlebell knowledge, this class is right for you! Be prepared to gain lots of knowledge on proper kettlebell form, and leave feeling stronger than ever.  



BSC Yoga is designed to focus your mind on your breath while flowing in sequences the will help your mobility and compliment your strength and conditioning training. We want class to be a safe space where you feel comfortable to try something new and explore what feels good in your own body. We hope that yoga will offer you a well-rounded experience by feeling fully balanced within your mind, body, and soul.



Triple Threat is a fast-paced circuit training class that utilizes our concept 2 rowers, ski erg, and rogue echo bikes. You will move through a series of intervals on and off of the equipment, incorporating kettlebells, dumbbells, and bodyweight exercises into the class. Be prepared to be surprised every time you come to class as we are constantly switching up the movements to shock your body and keep you burning calories well beyond the end of class!  



Intro to swings is an instructional class teaching you how to swing a kettlebell properly. Kettlebell swings is a complex movement that requires a lot of body awareness. This class is perfect for anyone new to training, especially with kettlebells or anyone who is an experienced kettlebell swinger who is looking to touch up on their form.