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Tactical Strength


We are hosting the Strong First Tactical Strength Challenge on Saturday May 9th. Come record your personal best lifts with us!

Challenge info

What is the Tactical Strength Challenge?

The tactical strength challenge is a friendly competition held in house to help individuals build goals and find baselines. The competition is comprised of 3 exercises: a 1 rep max deadlift, pull-ups for max reps or flexed arm hang for time, and 5 minutes of snatches for max reps.


Belltown Strength and Conditioning signed up as a gym to host the event because we feel that it is a great opportunity for our community to be a part of. We hope that the challenge will help bring our community closer together as we all work with the goal of getting stronger and hopefully setting a few personal records along the way. We added a new class to the schedule called "TSC Prep." This class will help you build up these three exercises so you feel prepared come May 9th. Even if you are not planning on taking part in the challenge, it will still be a great class to build strength and endurance.


If you are interested in learning more or want to sign up, please follow the buttons below. 

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