Meet the Trainers

Meet the Trainers

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Head Trainer, Owner

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Kettlebell Trainer, Owner/CFO

I am currently a Level II Kettlebell instructor and am so excited to have the opportunity to co-own Belltown Strength and Conditioning. I first learned to swing a kettlebell here in Belltown with Shannon O’Neil at FIT by Red (our previous owner) in 2011 and haven’t stopped since! Prior to trying Kettlebells I had done all of the classic ladies gym activities from elliptical to workout videos and, despite working out five times a week on my own, I could no longer buy clothes that fit and my scale had hit a whole new high. In a fit of frustration I signed up for Kettlebell training. 

I went from hanging on the window sill during class so I would not fall over to deadlifting 250 lbs. I went from not being able to run to running 13 half-marathons. I lost 120 lbs and 16 dress sizes. I pursued certification as a personal goal and do not plan to take on students, but you can find me training, and occasionally substitute teaching, at Belltown Strength and Conditioning. We hope to see you soon!

Kettlebell Trainer, Yoga Instructor

Lia Leilah is an advanced practitioner and teacher of Ashtanga yoga as well as a StrongFirst Level 1 certified kettlebell instructor. She maintains a daily practice of both disciplines, and is passionate about exploring where the two disciplines intersect.

Lia has been teaching yoga since 2007 and hardstyle kettlebell training since 2014. She travels extensively to practice with the foremost teachers in the world, and is continually deepening her understanding of strength, fitness, movement, breath, and holistic wellbeing. Lia also works as a plant-based vegan chef and is the author of 2 cookbooks and a blog.

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Kettlebell Trainer

I have a gypsy spirit and have lived in Colorado, Maine, North Carolina, and recently tried Florida, but I am a Northwest Native and Seattle will always be my home. No matter where I will be in life, I always bring my passion for kettlebells, and water skiing!

And I am enthusiastic to share the wonderful benefits of exercising!

As result of being an extreme athlete, I have suffered from multiple injuries and now deal with chronic back and rib pain. This made me realize the importance behind the fundamental principles of strength training and movement. Finding ways I could still maintain my fitness level, I discovered the unique practice of kettlebells for my own personal training. Most importantly kettlebell training has given me the tools to help you move properly and efficiently creating a “injury-proof” body.

Training with kettebells continues to save my body. Perfecting the movement and respecting physical limits, I am still able to compete in water skiing. As a competitor I have discovered the importance of training your mind and body as one. Through the lessons I have learned from being injured and returning to competitions, I use a unique approach for to help you stay motivated with your goals.

When not training or competing, you can find me pursuing public speaking through my local toastmaster group. Other than that I will be at a local coffee shop writing/blog or simply enjoying a good book.

To learn more about what I do head to
"Laughing is good exercise . . . it's like jogging on the inside. Jogging is good for your heart and laughing is good for your soul."
much love your sista in strength 
Anna Willard 
Owner and Creator

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