Visit our Seattle kettlebell gym at our convenient Belltown location at 2315 Western Avenue.
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You're Stronger Than You Think

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Why Kettlebells?
Kettlebell training is the most effective strength training, conditioning, and fat burning tool. Kettlebell training is for EVERYONE! In the same kettlebell class an athlete will improve his or her power output while the average Joe will build strength to ease his or her back pain that they thought would never go away.

At Belltown Strength & Conditioning, you will learn tension techniques to improve your strength and kettlebell training methods to improve your athletic performance and to burn fat.  Combine Kettlebell training with barbell training for additional strength or add our unique Yoga and Kettlebells programs for additional functional flexibility. It is very important to get proper technique training when first learning to use a kettlebell. A smart kettlebeller will have other instructors check on their form on a routine basis no matter how advanced they are. Kettlebells are a great tool for over all fitness, health, rehab and mobility but when used improperly an injury is sure to follow.
About Belltown Strength & Conditioning
Belltown Strength and Conditioning, formally known as Fit By Red and now owned by Hannah Hutson and Cathy Tedesco, has been serving strength to Seattle since 2007. With a great location in Belltown, our goal is teaching others that they are stronger than they think.

Everyone has untapped potential to unlock, and we want to teach people how to use the incredible tool of their own body. We teach hard-style kettlebell training and our coaches are StrongFirst certified instructors. Kettlebell training has been around for over 200 years and has stood the test of time by proving itself to be the best tool to get strong, improve endurance, decrease body fat, increase mobility, and create healthy joints. Kettlebells are for every body type, age, gender, and ability, and you might be amazing by what you can accomplish in our studio!

Finally, all classes are taught barefoot because grounded, stable feet makes your body stronger and smarter. At Belltown Strength and Conditioning, we’ve spent a lot of time learning how to make the our clients as strong, balanced, lean, and powerful as possible, and we hope you’ll come in and try kettlebell training for yourself! Remember—you’re stronger than you think.
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We are located at 2315 Western Ave, 98121 Seattle, WA

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